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Becoming Whole-sum Human

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Once upon a time Life was sought;

"O my! Who is me?"

Life replied "You are all that is and all that can be"

"Is it?!, yet I don't see"

Life replied "You but hold the key in your hands"

"Is it?!, but I don't understand"

Life replied "Behold then the secret revealed, the wholesum humanhood"

"Is it?!, reveal then, such that it be understood"

(Whole-sum: summation of whole aspects of being human)

This post is a sharing of insights based on observations of personal and vicarious experiences of numerous women and men who have shaped my journey so far. This reflection is inspired by the framework of Ashtalakshmi as described in the self-titled hymn which seems like a recent addition to the otherwise sacred women-trinity, of the Hindu divine pantheon.
I would like a special mention that though I have been inspired by this sacred framework, my narrative is to be received neutral to gender, life-preferences and other sensitivities which I am aware of and respect the same.

Life then narrates...

"You see, on this Earth you are bestowed with an unique ability

For you to EXPERIENCE that which otherwise is rare to be gotten

Reflections and learnings to be absorbed with humility

These being the tools to move you away from the rotten"

Life continues...

"To SURVIVE you require food, shelter and clothing

But to THRIVE you need more

You shall seek and bring forth from the darkest depths the eight seeds; trusting

Abundance and hence compassion of the core

The eight seeds you may understand from the eight Laksh'mis, the Ashtalakshmi a wholesum framework for our'kinds

Laksh is you may know - the goal, the objective, the purpose; yet, do you know that it's but in a plurality that your life thus refines?

The plurality of sustenance in the pursuit of your goal, lo behold, want you caring and building the eight seeds assigned;

Gaja () Dhairya () Vidya (), Dhana () Vijaya (), Santaana () Dhaanya (), Maha (Lakshmi)...

The seeds bring forth to the savourer' the fruits bestowing boons of success foretold

Gaja Dhairya the elephantine strength invoked from within;

that the courage to look inward and face outward akin

Vidya then enters abode to light the spirit of awareness;

Dhana Dhaanya pours wealth of heart, mind and eternal soul - all in abundance

Who then is not victorious?; hail Vijaya!

It is time now to share around, oneself beyond; Santaana

not just for a child but all beings children of the cosmos - peers, flora and fauna

Thence, the ultimate ever powerful self celebrated;

the Maha - the wholesum awesomeness thus created"

Life then smiles.

"who I could be, I now understand, lies within me"

Life replies "go along then, invoke the power of seeds foresaid; celebrate the journey you now tread"

"love you life; begin I now to see - you so clearly"

P.S -

Elephantine strength : elephants are sanctified in our mythology since they are believed to be the most powerful terrestrial mammals. They almost do not fall under the natural food chain, and looks like they do not have any natural predators. They are often a symbol of strength, wisdom and abundance

Courage : it is not just about worldly courage; it is to see the invisible, speak the unspeakable and acknowledge the scariest aspect of ourselves

Santaana : in my interpretation, it just not means child bearing, but ability to hold space of one's growth while reaching out to enable others growth through compassion. To share one's knowledge, insights and creative capability to anyone open to receive

Maha : The most powerful representation of Lakshmi; shares the space with Shakthi/Durga

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