• Dwarkanath CK

Future of Work

Often one wonders if we work to live or live to work; today work has become an integral part of life and it is no longer a need to improve life. Engineering, Medicine and the Administrative Services are no longer the popular works. We find people following their passions and believe in doing so. We have engineering graduates operating as Taxi Drivers, Management Graduates opting to become Cops; There are examples of doctors becoming BPO executives,software engineers choosing to become comedians!

There is a cultural shift in acceptance of the trend and concept of success. Making career shifts is no longer a sin and sign of failure. All these will necessitate self-discovery, and leadership. Colleges and Universities will have to note this and offer skills and practices for self-leadership.

Further the responsibility of learning will shift to the learner and trainers, coaches and mentors will be in demand in future....

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