Why Facilitation?

  • To set a process of group-work, starting from divergence reaching convergence

  • To brainstorm sans the emotional storming

  • To enable creative problem solving 

  • To guarantee inclusivity in diversity 

For Whom?

  • Across all layers of the organisation


  • Half-day to one-day sessions or as required

Why Training?

  • To learn concepts and build skills in the domain of human behaviors

  •  To sustain change in behaviors enabling business growth 

For Whom?

  • Across all layers of the organisation



  • Group size of maximum 20 preferred

  • One-day or two-days workshops or as required

  • Methodologies such as experiential or conceptual inputs 

  • Outbound or classroom training

Facilitation means "make it easy" and you may find my definition of facilitator being different from the way it is known in the L&D world today. My differentiation is that as a facilitator I shall not teach you or train you; I shall not be your 'subject-matter expert', but my role will be to ensure ​that your critical group gatherings and meetings remain focused and adhere to the pre-defined process.  

I know the art of anchoring groups and am skilled to facilitate human processes such that your team glides through divergence and converge at the outcome. I will partner with you as an external resource to maximize your group wisdom and resourcefulness.

Training mostly entails that I involve as a 'subject-matter expert'; design and provide solutions on various themes in the domain of behavioral skills.


In my experience, training themes can be broadly categorized under two major domains,  

  • Understanding and Managing Self

  • Understanding and Managing Others

I am proficient in training major themes belonging to these domains. Contact me if you require training on the above and additionally since I also love creating and designing content, we could customize modules based on the organisation's requirement. 

I love experimenting with hybrid learning methodologies - experiential - outbound and inbound, to generate and sustain curiosity

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