Why OD Consulting ?

  • To bring behavioural/people perspectives onto business operational maps

  • To manage change during situations such as M&A, new process implementation, dip in morale and motivation

  • Change in Leadership

For Whom?

  • Across all layers of the organisation



  • OD consulting starts with Diagnostics phase, followed by  Solutions' dialogue, next is Design interventions and Delivery (implementation) followed by Evaluation of outcomes (impact)

  • Duration vary from 3 months to 12 months basis the outcome we would like to establish

OD stands for 'Organisation Development'; 'Consulting' generally means providing opinions and solutions in the domain of expertise of a consultant.

I take up OD consulting assignments when an organisation (primary stakeholders) is keen to explore additional external perspectives to the existing internal wisdom toward building and implementing people development initiatives.

I opine that OD interventions are build on the below fundamentals,

  • Human capital can 'make or break' a business enterprise

  • The covert human processes drive the overt processes

  • Invest, nurture people and their dreams, to realize  business potential

I consider the pre-intervention phase (The Diagnostics) as the being the first critical phase in the life cycle of a learning intervention and I work during this phase as an artist merging with the art- mindful, attentive, responsive and stimulating.


My diagnostics considers points of view of your stakeholders including my observations to decipher a least common denominator recommendations of learning/ change interventions. My recommendations are often simple to comprehend and as required I actively partake with you to support planning and implementation.  

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